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Welcome to Speciality Grill & Cinema

Grab your Lunch, Dinner or Take Out, or simply get a snack before our great movie selection in the Speciality Cinema.


Speciality Grill & Cinema

Monday to Thursday – 11 am to 9 pm
Friday to Saturday – 11 am to 10 pm
Sunday & Holidays – 12 pm to 8 pm


Enjoy some food prior to or after the Movie.
Now Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Daily Specials.
Grab your Take Out or have it Delivered.

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Perfect Smoothie! We were quite thirsty and found this place while walking to the ferry from the bus terminal. The selection was great and I got a delicious smoothie. Highly recommend!
Craving Satisfied for Corn Dog After I had a 4K walked decided to drop by here to get a corn dog. Even I have waited for 15 minutes it was worth it since they made a fresh one. Craving Satisfied 👍🏻
Mark O
Mark O
Hardly a cineplex but not a bad place to watch a movie I hadnt been to Speciality for some time but happen now to have been twice in 3 days. They have two cinemas; one larger one which is for the new release and the second one is smaller but ironically has larger more comfortable seats and better viewing. The larger cinema has a weird set up with smaller seats that are less flexible for comfort and becasue of the layout the angling is not as good as you would expect so be careful if you get on the flat bit in the middle (you will know when you get there) next to the plastic bins as you can without knowing as someone sits in front of you be obscured from part of the screen. That said the quality is pretty good, it has dolby but i dont think the small cinema does. So more comfort in the small cinema and a bigger screen in the larger one. If you go on a tuesday it is $6 per adult which is pretty good. They have a surprisingly good array of food both hot and cold and neat trays to carry it in. We go for the icecream which is so good. The butter pecan is the best and the cookies and cream is not bad either. It is a cosy spot, central not far from the bus terminal and if you fancy making it a night there are plenty of places to eat and drink in nearby. We chose the Hog Penny llast night and were very happy with that on a damp, wet and miserable night. So dont think this is some kind of cineplex as you will be sorely unimpressed but treat it as a nice old movie theatre and you will not be disappointed. It has all the current movies.
Jamie D
Jamie D
A blast from the past... It was like a blast from the past. A time which existed before me. You know, those old school theatres your parents spoke about or for the more mature folk, the ones you enjoyed. It's nothing like back at home in Saint Lucia. Quiet. A couple common options in snacks. Nothing over the top. A large room playing a movie I've never seen advertised on TV or the internet. One attendant on the cash food counter selling tickets and serving in this historical looking building. I actually liked it. It went against my usual experience and this is what I appreciated. Rustic. Some may say a touch up is needed. Perhaps music and brighter lighting, but why travel to another country to experience same old, same old? I was satisfied :)
sweet stop on hot September day stopped in here on a hot day for a break from the heat. The ice cream was deliciously creamy and true to flavor. Hubs had chocolate and vanilla, I had strawberry and vanilla. Not much seating but spot for 2 did open up by the time we were served.
Karen SW
Karen SW
Good Rainy Day Destination It can rain in Bermuda. When it does, the Speciality Cinema and Grill can be a good alternative to a day at the beach. They show first run films in a pleasant theatre and also have a pretty good grill/restaurant on the premises. There are actually two screens, so you do have some choice in terms of film fare.

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